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No change is easy, but some are worth every effort.

You are a gift to this world! That's why we at Pebbles want to help you heal from the things that hold you back, so you can finally do what you were designed to do.

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Pocketful of Pebbles


Pocketful of Pebbles

Pocketful of Pebbles are our custom-designed workshops which create awareness on mental health related topics, share tools that you can actually use, and help you take active steps for positive change.

The upcoming workshops 'Wake Up Call: Alarm Signs to Seek Help' and 'Boundaries: Building Fences not Walls' on the 19th & 20th Oct '23 respectively will focus on identifying alarm signs that tell you it's time to seek help, and on understanding the importance of boundaries and what is the difference between creating healthy boundaries and safe spaces vs. putting up walls that could harm you and others. 



With her post-graduate degree in Psychology and her keen interest in people empowerment, Prakruthi keeps learning about how to help people better, first from the Holy Spirit, and then the rest.


As a Clinical Psychologist and a daughter of God, Manisha is passionate about walking people into freedom, healing and wholeness.

Her insights and pearls of wisdom are worth heeding. 
She will also be featuring on the workshops as Guest Speaker & Facilitator.


"I have learnt a new way of talking to God through Worship"

About 'Singing from the Heart'

"I have learnt a lot from the zooming out and journaling"

About 'Thinking about Thinking' 

"The confirmation that we are not alone [in this journey] feels so good. Thank you for all the hard work"

About 'Singing from the Heart'

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If you've lost your wonder for life, for your purpose, for the things of God, and you would like Prakruthi to pray for you or talk to you, book a session now!

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