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Light’s Up

It’s fast approaching, that time of the year Heralds announce peace, good tidings and cheer Dazzling stars are no longer nondescript heavenly bodies Children (by heart and time) gather around to hear the stories, In particular, that One recounted on many a wintry night, When times were tough and scarce was Light A Hope-filled people, tell the story again Of the courage and sacrifice in Heaven’s bargain For the lives of men, women, children, all Ransom was paid generously, the Fall Reversed by the exchange of faultless Life Breaking the power of sin and strife Even death, the seemingly fierce and unconquerable, Conquered by I AM in flesh vulnerable The mystery calls out to wanderers and seekers The promise of Truth fulfilled by one Speaker The Voice of Love, pure and divine, Rings out in the carolers’ chorus, “Jesus is mine” That blessed assurance, not only for December, But day and night, as long as we remember, The Light of the World has come, And mankind’s freedom forever won. Yes, put up the Tree, and the rest that’s tradition Announce to the watching world this grand revelation, Light’s up.


Oct 23, 2016

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