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Never let me loose at a Christian book sale!

I will never forget the time my sister and I had been to an OM book sale and had excitedly got all the interesting titles we could lay our hands on. OM is one of the Christian bookstore chains in India and we often went there whenever they had sales, and we would buy so many books that we would have to sit and tally up the cost by ourselves before going to the counter so that we could leave out some books and only take the ones we really wanted. So this time, the books were spread out over a huge area in the Campus Crusade for Christ grounds and my sister and I foraged (yes!) through the inside and the outside of the big hall and kept an eye out for our favourite authors and series. After we’d found all the ones we wanted (and they were so many!) we went and had them billed. After we’d finished, I don’t know how or why but we happened to visit the stage area which also had books but which we had unfortunately ignored on our first round (maybe because it was too crowded, I can’t remember). I was so extremely, supremely devastated when I discovered amazing books there that I really really wanted but could not buy now that we had spent all our money.

So a disappointed me showed my sister the books and was almost close to tears. My sister suggested I call up mom and ask her what to do but I didn’t want to since she had already given us a lot of money and we had spent it all! When we called and explained, my mum who was suffering from severe joint pain and fever on that day, took an auto, came to the venue and bought us those books. It was one of the happiest days of my life and I was so grateful to have such a wonderful mother. I still get teary-eyed when I think about it. 🙂

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