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On Every Page, Be Glorified

In the quiet of our evenings, When the day is tired of walking, Be glorified.

In the candlelit kitchens and living rooms, Where conversations are stirring, Be glorified.

In the midst of the mundane, When time is unintentionally passing, Be glorified.

In the hurry of our doing, When meetings and goals keep us working, Be glorified.

In the habits of housekeeping When cleaning and washing keeps happening, Be glorified.

In the gentle breeze that suddenly stops, Makes us look up, expecting, Be glorified.

In the laughter of our people, The family that keeps our hearts feeling, Be glorified.

In the clashes with our people, And ensuing gashes that need mending, Be glorified.

In the heartache of separation, When loved ones are kept from embracing, Be glorified.

In this time of earth’s renewal, As your blood, for mercy keeps on crying, Be glorified.

When your people cry out Holy, And set themselves apart for communing, Be glorified.

When our hearts begin to look up, And our surrender turns to healing, Be glorified.

When the pause has stilled our frenzy, And our fears are met with your soothing, Be glorified.

From the start to the end of it all, With our past-present-future, your story-telling, Be glorified.

Your grand design revealed to us, In every twist and turn of history. Your goodness given to us, A message of your mercy. Your kindness and compassion, Restoring us to dignity. Your power and your presence, Reminding us of authority. Your word and own dear Spirit, Keeping us in unity.

Thank you for choosing to give up your supreme royalty, To take up the cry, the cause of humanity, To fall with us so we could rise from depravity, To break for us, so we could partake of divinity.

Thank you my Jesus. If not for you, I would not be living, Won’t be smiling, won’t be singing. If not for your Love, I wouldn’t be breathing.

Thank you for choosing us, the world that none might have deemed worth redeeming. And yet, you gave it all, by bleeding and dying, A gruesome sight to the imagination, Still the only one worth seeing, Because you have forever changed the course of our existence, and ransomed our meaning.

And now you’ve got me dreaming, Of a New World that you’ve been fulfilling, A Freedom I never thought was within our reaching, But Heaven’s greatest Gift, You have been uncovering, The rich treasures of your Grace and Life glistening, Waiting to be found and inherited by these, your offspring. Sons and daughters transfixed on You, O High King. Take everything for it has always been yours, unchanging.

And in everything, In everything, Be glorified!

~ p

(5th April, 2020)

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