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Reality Check

Boys and girls, I know that you all know this but it does tend to get lost somewhere in the midst of all the filters and the selfies and the poses.

You are beautiful.

You are more than your camera-ready locks, your darkened eyes, your glittery nails and your cherry-tinged lips.

You are more than those branded sunglasses, the well-gelled hair and those ripped jeans they told you made you cool.

Yes, all that stuff is great sometimes. (So they say, I’m not convinced yet.)

But it is the sparkle in your eyes, the sun in your hair and that lovely smile on your lips, that’s what really shines through.

It is those moments of carefree laughter and genuine joy that slip through when you’ve forgotten to be mindful of what you look like. And while pictures may last, these irreplaceable and incomparable moments are what make life rich and full.

Just a reminder to rise above the labels and the lies. You are lovely. You are more. You are a masterpiece fashioned in the most unique way.

28th November 2015

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