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Still No Equal

It’s been quite a journey, so far.

The distance seems long, but the days seem fast.

Life has swiftly flown by, memories made, broken;

Intentionally forgotten.

Change has come and gone, like waves beating upon the lake’s shore.

It has taken some away, and also bestowed some anew.

Seasons: they’ve carried me through places I never would have stepped into, had I known.

And yet, there’s a particular charm I can’t quite locate,

That makes this journey of many thousand steps,

Meaningful, and true.

You’ve had my heart from the start, Though it took me a little while to realise it.

You’ve been more real than any of my imaginations could fathom, I see it.

I see you. Beyond the travails of earthly existence, You’ve proved to be enduring, never succumbing,

To the pain that tries to overwhelm, for you have indeed overcome,

So that peace is now ours, and joy that cannot be taken away.

Some days, I live only for Your smile;

To know You are able to take delight, in what you see and hear from me.

You are the One, the only One, who’s been able to see me through and through,

Still seeing beauty, still seeing worth all the while.

You be the only One, the One to make my heart beat a little faster,

And my smile grow instantly wider,

Alight at the sight of your feet stepping onto barren lands.

You change everything. You make the mundane seem adventurous.

You make this poem, worth every line, every letter.

Because you really see; you do see beyond everything outward.

You persist, until you unravel every other layer, except the one needed.

The layer of me over me. The one that adds complexity, while removing everything that separates you from me.

You are the reason I still bleed real blood.

You caught me, when I fell, when I flew, when I freed myself into a false freedom. You caught me. Safely.

You changed me. Tenderly, completely, without a shred of selfishness left unquestioned.

You challenged me, into atmospheres I never knew I could subdue. You brought me into victory, all the while dancing.

You named me. Something achingly beautiful when I was so vile as to never deserve it.

You conceived me. In your dreams, in your heart, and then on your hands.

You made artwork out of me, as if I were some star, decking the night sky along with a million others.

How did you see me? How did you know me? One in several millions.

How did you manage to catch my eye? To tell me who I really am. How did you win so jubilantly?

When thousands of voices fought to claim me over, how did you become sole proprietor of my soul’s desires?

You fought for me. Even when I fought you. Especially when I fought you.

One thing I know forever, for sure. I could never deserve you. I could never say I was entitled to your love.

Though an eternity should come and go in this kingdom everlasting, I would find that there’s still no equal,

None who could love me like You, my King, my Friend.

~ p


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