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Passionate About Inspiring Others

More than anything, Prakruthi believes there is much wonder all around if only we would see it. She wants to inspire people to live with their wonder alive!

As of now, Prakruthi serves in the following capacities:


For Individuals

  • Mentoring - to help you regain your footing and see yourself the way God sees you

  • Emotional Wellness Coach - to help you heal from harmful patterns and mindsets

  • Journey Coaching Program - to help you overcome bottlenecks and freely pursue your God-given calling and destiny 

  • Prayer Session - to pray with you and give you a timely word of encouragement

For Churches/Ministries

  • Worship Leader - a time of seeking God’s presence and encountering His love in a tangible way

  • Speaker/Teacher - in-depth Bible-based teaching on a range of topics like worship, ministry, authenticity, etc.

  • Youth Speaker - interactive sessions for young people on topics like identity, purpose, entertainment, etc.

For Creatives/ Songwriters

  • Songwriter/ Translator - collaborative songwriting in English, Hindi, Tamil & Kannada

  • Collaborating as Vocalist for worship music productions


I want to see the world fall in love the way it was meant to. I want to see children dream, and adults become children just so they can dream again.

I want to see generations change, for "the future is ours" is not merely a slogan.

I believe in worshipping the One who formed us and gave us breath, that the One who confronted death for us, is the only One who can give us Life! I am passionate about helping people find God and co-write their life's story with him.


Though she can do a lot, Prakruthi keeps asking the Lord, what is the ONE THING needed, and lives from that place of obedience. She is currently spending her resources on her coaching & worship ministry. 

To know more about her and read her full story, check out her mini auto-biography here. 😃

To give to prakruthi

To sponsor any of the workshops, coaching sessions, or to give towards Prakruthi's ministry, scan the QR code. 

UPI ID: prakruthik@sbi

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