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Hi there, I'm Prakruthi! :)

I love music, learning new things, talking to people (and sometimes to animals too). I also love the sky, the birds, the trees, and all things nature! (coz प्रकृति)

What I don't love so much is seeing people struggling to find their identity, or getting stuck in harmful relationships, self-defeating cycles, and spiritual distress.


We are made for so much more, and though our struggles don't define us, they can end up limiting us!

"The way of the godly leads to life; that path does not lead to death." (Prov 12:28)

I believe only God can show us what true Life really looks like. And when we purposefully co-write our story with Him, we can choose how much Life we allow into our lives.


I want to use the lessons I'm learning on my journey,

to help you with yours!


How I Can Help You

Help you
Coffee Hearts

Personal Coaching

Got something specific you need help with?

Book a one-on-one session to talk to me.

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Pocketful of Pebbles

Sign up for Workshops that include a time of worship, skill-based teaching, Q&A and prayer.

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Journey Coaching

You learn best by walking alongside someone. Apply for my 3-month Journey Coaching programme.


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