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Anchored Friendship

For a planet with over seven billion and counting, It can get quite lonely down here at times. We know how to connect, we know to create ties, But somehow even the strongest fellowship, Has sunk on stormy nights.

Bonds forged over shared sorrows, Laughter lighting up hopeful tomorrows, Courage gained through standing together, That’s how friendship has helped, just when it mattered.

Yet somehow, it’s so transient like the vapour, Hanging in the air on a sunny day. One whiff of a breeze, and it disappears, Taking with it all sense of warmth, it never stays.

My heart feels the weight of love brought and lost, And of friendship given and taken, Promises signed, sealed and broken, Hands that held mine now stolen, By pain, by hurt, by changed heart and mind: Stories rewritten because forgiveness was not chosen.

In all of this great emptiness, Right in the middle of life’s brokenness, When father, mother, brother and sister, Friend, lover, leader and mentor Could not hold together in the test of time, You stood quietly, whispering “Love shall yet triumph.”

Your words have never failed me. And Your heart has never strayed. Your voice has ever stayed on, Unwavering through the chaos.

Your eyes have always seen me, Though my own have failed sometimes, Your feet have stood steadfastly, Come morning, noon or night.

My losses are all counted worthy, If in them Your face I found. These betrayals seem to sting less, Since You gave to me these vows: Your covenant of love to be unending, Your dreams for me, with Heaven bursting.

Jesus, in You, And only in You, I’ve finally found my closest companion, My trustworthy hope, anchored to the end, Though tides shift and the skies do change, Lord, you are to me, my most faithful friend.


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