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Blessings from unlikely places

Often, we look for certain things from God, when we pray for this or that to happen. And often we think that it will take place in a certain way. It’s definitely not wrong to have expectations or dreams. In fact, God encourages us to dream big and look to Him for amazing things.

But if you think about it, what if everything happened exactly the way you wanted or expected it to? How boring would that be! You’d know exactly how you’ll get that new job or meet that new person, or how everything in your life will go. That’s no fun, at least for me.

Trusting God is an adventure. We don’t know what the next turn will bring. But because God holds our hand, and sustains our very life and existence, we know, we know, and we know that He will only be good to us. Faithful in keeping his promise, and unfailing in showing us his love. That’s Jesus.

Trusting Him will only take us to higher places, to do things we never dreamed we could or would. Because His ways are higher and better.

So when that door closes, and you feel like God’s holding back something good from your life, remember that He is Good and wants the Best for your life. He sees far more than we ever can, and He is perfect in all that He does.

So let Him surprise you in ways only He can!

Trust, and rest, in Jesus. He is worthy. 🙂

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