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Enjoying today while preparing for tomorrow

Where’s the fine line between enjoying where you are and not becoming too content or complacent in that place? I guess it becomes more distinct when you don’t just dream of a fantastic future but set real goals that you can work towards. That would help you remember that where you are right now is not the destination but one step in your ascent to success (Ziglar influence?). But a crucial step nonetheless, and worth enjoying to the last drop.

At the same time, this would prevent the lackadaisical, passive attitude from settling in, and help you not get stuck in the rut.

The key is to remember that you’re on your way, but you’ve got a way to go, and there’s always something to enjoy and be proud of in the moment, just as there’s always something to look forward to and prepare for. A delicate balance, one that can be attained through optimism and patience.

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