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How shall I contain Love?

How does one capture life and its fullness and stuff it into the funnels of one’s brain? And how can a brain contain the vast sum of sensory experiences that briefly pass through as neural impulses, so fleeting, and yet leaving a mark in memory?

How can the value of a conversation with a friend be measured? How can a shared meal– a delightfully tasty one at that– be stored up in the annals of one’s soul?

How can the love of a dear one, who is so part of your own heart and life, be experienced fully, and deeply enough to reverently hold the affection and also tenderly cherish each moment?

How can the heart contain all this Love?

How can any mind comprehend its extent?

The beauty of a Man, is not just in his face, but in everything He does, and says, and then does as a Man of his word. This Man who has mesmerized, and maddened us in the best way, messed us up so we can’t settle for anything less than to see this Man’s face on every other face.

How does one share this Man with just a story or a sermon, when He becomes every breath in and every breath out, and the sound of His voice becomes the sound that helps your heart continue beating, come whatever your way.

How can I capture your beauty, Jesus? How can I even begin to recount the LIFE you infuse into each moment. There’s so many of them. Like sand on a seashore. I can barely grab a fistful before it starts to escape.

All I can do, and all I want to, Is to lie down on that steady shore, Comprised of Life, Moments with you that are etched into eternal Life, Something that can’t be erased or reversed, Or stolen from me.

You are my inheritance, You are the treasure upon which my heart dwells. You are more than a divine romance, More than just a companion I encounter then and now.

You’re Life in full, overflowing, More than I can contain. It’s beautiful that I cannot contain it. I was never meant to.

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