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My Friend With The Twinkling Eyes

Kind. You catch me in those silent moments, When my heart is lost in a cloud of pain. Your eyes so gentle in the way they question, “Are you doing alright, could I enter this fortress you’ve made?” You don’t let my walls stop you, your heart still reaches for mine.

Present. You’ve been my father and protector From the moment that I opened my eyes, You’ve showered me with kindness and mercy, In every step of the journey, through valley and great height. You said you would never leave, and here you’ve always been.

Patient. You see me through and through, And yet you wait for me to tell you, What I am going through. Just because you love my expressions, I must be your favourite venting machine.

Funny. You find a way to make my heart light, No matter how heavy the day was, When I catch that twinkle in your eye, What freedom is suddenly mine. You make my smile lines intensely carved.

Safe. You bring me to tears because of your embrace, Your arms have always given the warmest hugs. There’s never a doubt or fear in that space, So secure, knowing I could tell you anything at all, And You would always hold my trust.

Wise. You’ve always looked out for me, Though my stupidity tries to undo your grand plans, You still stand up for me, and redesign goodness, So that I never stay friends with shame for too long. And yet for all that, you never make me feel dumb.

Honest. You always have a parable ready, When you see me straying, And sometimes just the plain truth. You never hesitate to lead me rightly, Your wounds are better than a thousand butterfly kisses.

Loyal. Your vows once given can never break, Because you sealed your words with red ink. Such faithful love I just can’t find, Though I’ve sought all over and beyond. You have made me wholly yours, forever. And wholly mine, you shall be.


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