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The Finer Things

You say you want the finer things in life.

“What’s wrong with a little luxury,

Haven’t I earned it?

I’ll enjoy my latte just fine Without your questioning eyes. Don’t you spend on things too? Maybe you’re forced to settle For affordable alternatives Of the things that I relish, savour.”

“Things that perish?”

“Don’t be a hypocrite now. Wouldn’t you just as quickly, Maybe sooner, buy yourself The fancies of your heart, If only you had the chance? Come on, be honest. I won’t judge.”

Your smirk makes me ponder, Am I condescending, only to descend? To stoop lower than you bend, When you live in your rich-man bubble? They say the stomach is like the grave, Never content, always content to receive. Want cannot stop wanting, Needs are met but they still come seeking, More, more, see me, hear me, fill me. Pay me attention, pay to attend to me.

“You can’t quench a thirsty world, a hungry earth. You can give, and keep on giving, you won’t solve the dearth. I’m happier with my foam latte and my extravagance. Do you see a trace of shame on my face? No, I’m proud of it all. I’ve earned it, after all.”

I quietly retreat, understanding dawning in my eyes. I reach the field. An expanse of green, not like any emerald, Yet rich in its surreal beauty. Another expanse above my head, And I remember I’m five feet and no more. This one, blue, incomparable to anything natural or synthetic. It cannot be replicated, Nor bought or sold. Bursts of gold, pink, orange and colours I cannot even name, streak the sky, As another treasure leaves with a promise to return. A promise that hasn’t failed yet.

The children run, Joy on their faces, glad to be done, For the day has worked its dues and so have they. Passing by familiar friends – Flowers: they breathe in the fragrance. Birds: they sing along, chirp brightly. Sunset: they pause to revel in glory, Light in their young eyes. Home to a warm hearth, loving arms, And a hearty meal, Just enough for the night, For another day shall soon arrive, One more opportunity to relish, savour, The finer things.

16th March 2017

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